MAD = Mobile Application Development

MAD-learn is a rich, end-to-end program for teaching cross platform mobile application development.

The Program Includes:

An Online Visual Mobile App Development Platform
Live Educator Support
An Expert Coding Community
Three Full Curriculum Tracks

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“Students really want to make a difference in this world and they want to be creating content and not just publishing it locally but getting even a global audience. When we look at what MAD-learn is doing with their mobile app development, its not just “here’s how you make an app, here’s step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4″ – it’s the process where most of that learning is taking place.”
-Julene Reed


Teacher Training

Can teachers who aren't technology specialists use MAD-learn?

We Will Train You!

MAD-Teachers receive a series of Professional Development with our expert Customer Success Advocates. They also receive a certain number of support hours per teacher, based on the package that is chosen by the school - you can even purchase on-site training!

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A Unique Program

How is MAD-learn Different from other coding programs?

Coding to Learn!

MAD–Learn uses a top-down approach that walks students through building an app using a visual editor. We hope to capture students’ interest and enthusiasm by “coding to learn” thru entrepreneurship, collaboration, design-thinking, and success with coding.

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What Ages Can Join?

Is MAD-learn appropriate for students of different ages and levels?

3rd - 12th Grades

MAD-learn is most appropriate for students in grade levels 3-12. Depending on the focus a specific class, our program can be implemented in numerous ways to fit the needs of any classroom. Give us a call to learn how to best implement MAD-learn for your students.

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