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A K-12 Student Curriculum
to Learn Mobile App Development


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MAD-learn helps you Ideate on your curriculum


MAD-learn helps you plan your curriculum


MAD-learn assists you in developing your Mobile App Curriculum


A K-12 Curriculm for Mobile App Development

App Creation

We assist you with Launching your students mobile apps


A Web-Based Curriculum Program that Teaches
K-12 Students to Learn Mobile App Development

Inspiring Student Creativity and Fostering Entrepreneurship through
Mobile Application Development

This dynamic program allows students and teachers alike, to learn and execute on the fundamentals of mobile apps, including: ideation, planning, design, creation, development, marketing, launch and maintenance.

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MAD-learn students have created over 5000 apps to date

Students have created
5,000 apps (and counting)
with MAD-learn

Our program has served over 6 countries and 27 states

Serving 6 countries
and 27 states

Our appsthatmatterprogram is a global collaboration of students

Global Collaboration
among Students to Create
Apps Across Borders

The MAD-store provides a web and mobile app interface for teachers and students K-12 to
showcase and share the mobile apps that they have created with the click of a button or
tap on a phone. Students have the ability to showcase their mobile app and have others
download it on their own mobile devices, like any other app store. How cool is that?

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Teachers Give Our Learning Development
App Curriculum
(MAD-learn) Two
Thumbs Up

Our Customer Success Advocates want teachers to be successful and confident with MAD-learn. That’s why we offer Professional Development (PD) workshops, hands-on training, 24/7 online access to the mobile app creation platform and continuous support with customized resources, implementation ideas and video tutorials. Even better, the curriculum and detailed lesson plans meet national and state standards, including alignment with the latest ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) student standards.

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learn app development
"The MAD-learn software is not only a way to familiarize students with the app creation tools, but also as a way for students to contribute thoughtfully to their community. This gives them an opportunity to solve a real-world problem. The students really took the lead on figuring out some solutions for our school, and are going to increase our productivity."
Connie White
Technology and Learning Director, Lakeview Academy
learn app development
"Using MAD-learn for the last few years has been a great part of my program. The students in my division have had tremendous success using MAD-learn to design and create apps. The process itself allowed the students to identify concerns in their local community, develop and hone their research, and apply problem solving skills in a real-life context. Because of this opportunity, I've had many students explore more complex coding and app design on their own time. MAD-learn is easy to use, engaging for the students, and has great teacher resources for those who are less tech-savvy."
Scott Young
Literacy Teacher, District School Board of Niagara, Canada

Educational Technology for Students with No Coding Required

We make it easy for teachers to receive hands-on training and ongoing support, all whilenurturing students’ interests and enthusiasm. The best part…no coding required.

Students are able to build mobile apps with a virtual editor and without the intimidation ofcoding. Although, the option to code is readily available for those true techies at heart.

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Through a virtual editor, students develop mobile apps, enabling them to be creators of technology, not just consumers of it. The MAD-learn platform helps students with knowledge construction, computational thinking, innovative design and creative communication.

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